Status: Hibernating

We started the Motor City Mission Corps with the desire to connect young adults with the work of the church in Southeast Michigan.

The Presbytery of Detroit sparked this program and it has served as a place for us to grow in our understanding of what it means to work with young adults. While the Presbytery still has a supportive role, we now recognize that our work would fit best in the context of a local congregation.

We’re Moving Out

Our work exploring ways to connect young adults with the work of the Church will continue but, seated in the local context, we will have a better focus on those we serve. Though we will be looking to work with young adults in and around a specific congregation, we will still connect them with the work of the Church taking place in the Detroit Metro area.

We have had initial conversations with a couple of churches about adopting the program. These congregations see Motor City Mission Corps as an opportunity to get to know young adults around their community in a new way. After our new arrangement is established we look forward to continuing the Motor City Mission Fellowship and anticipate other ministry experiments that will rise out of our work with local young adults.

A New Workgroup

While we are relocating the Motor City Mission Corps program out of the Presbytery, we still see a vital place there for that conversation on how to serve young adults to continue.

We are leading the formation of a new workgroup to answer this question: how can the Presbytery best support congregations’ work with young adults? This new workgroup will consist mostly (but not exclusively) of young adults already active in the Presbytery. Their work will be limited to developing answers to that question. When ready, the results will be passed to others in the Presbytery for prayerful consideration.

The Fruit of Our Labor

The fruit of our work the past year is what we have learned about ministry with young adults. If there is one thing that has become very clear it is that ministry with young adults does not fit the mold of anything we have done before. This generation is less willing to accept a frame that doesn’t fit than their predecessors were. We need forms of ministry that are designed to change fluidly, responsive to their immediate context and the present need.

We see these two avenues (MCMC hosted in a church and a new young adult workgroup) as the most faithful response to what we have learned. We don’t have The Answer, but we can continue learning, approaching the young adults in our communities as partners in the process.

Please stay in touch!

As our site coordinator is at the end of his work term, it might seem that the work of the Motor City Mission Corps has ceased. Don’t be deceived, our work continues! Just not at its former pace. In the coming months, we plan on pursuing relationships with congregations and funding to secure the program for a couple of years.

You, our community, make our work possible! If you are interested in being a more involved part of what we are doing, please let us know.

As we settle into our chrysalis to pick up the work of self-transformation, we’ll continue to communicate sporadically through our website and social media. Please take this chance to follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you don’t already.

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