Motor City Mission Fellowship


The Motor City Mission Fellowship is a three month program followed by a grant of up to $3000 to kickstart a community serving project. We are looking for young adults (people between the ages 18-40) with an idea to lift up their community in partnership with one of our Presbyterian congregations or another community partner organization. Fellows will receive three months of coaching, peer mentorship and introduction to a supportive community, during this time they be creating and executing a plan to turn their idea into reality. Fellows will also receive a grant of up to $3000 to jumpstart their work.

The purpose of this Fellowship is to empower young adult leadership in religiously motivated, entrepreneurial ministry serving the communities of Metro-Detroit. It is our hope that the projects created by our Fellows serve the dual purpose of providing new ministry opportunities for the churches of the Presbytery of Detroit as well as offering a forum for young adults to explore leadership in meaningful work.

This program is organized by the Presbytery of Detroit as a means of serving the young adults in our communities by opening a way for them to explore the concepts of Calling and Vocation.

Developing a Project Proposal

Your goal in this process is to convince the Motor City Mission Corps work group that your project is viable, has the potential to be sustainable and will have a positive impact on you and your community.

Role of the Community Partner

All projects need to be undertaken along with a community partner. You may already have an idea of where your passion lies and who you would like to work with. We have a number of organizational partners who are active in their local communities and interested in partnering with young adults to lift it up.

Proposal Process

Making a proposal for the program is a two-step process

  • Stage 1 - Interested innovators will contact us with an initial pitch for their project.
  • Stage 2 - Ideas that pass our initial criteria will be offered the chance, with support, to develop further into a finished proposal.


Our project criteria, an initial pitch form and more information is available on the application page.

Fellowship Program

The three month program is a part-time commitment. Fellows will be asked to commit 5-10 hours per week to individual and group meetings where we work together on developing a plan, troubleshooting challenges and connecting with valuable resources. Fellows will need to make time apart from meetings to also make progress on project, working in concert with their community partner.

There are three components to the fellowship program

Development plan creation and coaching

Fellows will meet weekly on a mutually agreed-upon schedule with our director to create a project plan and check in on its progress. Together we will identify work that needs to be done, mark out what we can do in the three months of the program and break it into manageable tasks. Each project will launch a minimum viable product [link] before the end of the three month program.

Cohort Group

Each class of fellows will meet together on Thursday evenings during the course of the program for mutual support and troubleshooting of challenges they are facing in their projects. This is also a time when we’ll bring in other voices from our ministry community that we feel Fellows would benefit from meeting and whose wisdom and perspective can be instructive.

Project Grant

Every project can receive up to $3000 as a seed grant for its startup. After a proposal is accepted, some of these funds are delivered over the course of the program and the remainder at its conclusion. Funds will be disbursed according to a mutual agreed-upon schedule, it is up to the grantee to spend them appropriately.

It all starts with an idea

Ready to make your pitch?

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It all starts with an idea

Ready to make your pitch?

Apply Online