More on Submitting a Pitch

Generating a new enterprise can be a daunting prospect! The purpose of the Motor City Mission Fellowship is to make it possible for people (age 18-40) with passion (but who maybe don’t know where to start) to lead the way in serving their community.

Where to start?

We have created two avenues to help get you started. First, make sure you check out our partners and the seed ideas they have offered for a young adult to take on.

To explore your own ideas around serving your community, take a movement and think about these three questions:

  • Who do you see as your community?
    Who do you consider to be your people? This is a group that you know well because you identify with them and have shared in their experiences.
  • What is the biggest unmet need in your community?
    This could be a need that others have ignored or not done a good job meeting.
  • If money were not an issue, what could you do about it?
    Just for a moment, consider what you could do if you had access to the resources to really make a difference for the people you care about.

All you need right now is the seed of an idea. And that, in a nutshell, is what we’re looking for in the initial pitch.

What are we looking for in a pitch?

We are asking for pitches to be submitted online through our website. You’ll give us some basic information and then answer a couple questions about your idea. We suggest writing your answers offline and then pasting them into the online form.

The purpose of the initial pitch is to communicate the core of your project. You don’t need to have many of the details worked out. We want to share in your vision and catch just a little bit of your excitement!

First Pitch Deadline – December 4

Pitches submitted by the December 4 deadline will have two weeks to work with us in developing a final proposal. The final deadline to be part of the January 2018 cohort is December 18.

“I won’t be ready to submit an pitch by December 4, am I out of luck?”
No, please get in touch with us anyway! Let us know you’re interested and we can help you think about your idea. Because of the Christmas holiday we will not be able to accept any final proposals for January 2018 after December 18th.

Contact Adam Delezenne with any questions!

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