About the Motor City Mission Corps

Where do we come from?

The Motor City Mission Corps started as a conversation seeking creative ways to reengage young adults with the work of the Gospel and to join in the ongoing rebuilding of the city of Detroit.

Recently reemerging from bankruptcy, Detroit has begun to experience a new day. For decades, Detroit communities have endured disinvestment of resources from the city. First this was through the departure of the ready employment represented by the heavy industry that built the city. Then, many white residents, left in fear of people of color moving into their neighborhoods and in pursuit of the jobs that were moving ahead of them into the suburbs. Finally, it was the collapse of basic city services as many lost their homes in the housing crisis of 2008.

This adversity has inspired creativity. The people of Detroit are transforming a crumbling city. Bit by bit, through individual leadership and public/private partnerships the city is in the midst of an exciting comeback.

The Motor City Mission Corps is the creative response of the Presbytery of Detroit to the needs of the city. We seek out places where people are at work building the Beloved Community in their midst and look for ways we can support them and their work with the spiritual, intellectual, social and financial resources of the Presbytery of Detroit.

Our Mission

Motor City Mission Corps engages young adults in transformative mission to inspire a lifetime of service.


Innovative, Entrepreneurial Ministry

Ministry is not just a matter of what goes on inside the institutional church, everyone who acts with the love of God as their driving motivation participates in the work of the Church. We seek to support new forms of work undertaken for the benefit of others, particularly when it is lead by young adults.

We seek to create a nurturing community where we can learn from each other what it means to serve in the city of Detroit.

Working for Equitable Communities

Adopting an anti-racist perspective asks all of us to actively embrace the other and step beyond our comfort zones. We look at history and the way that power affects the development of community and the balance of our own relationships.

Spiritual Engagement & Growth

Through theological reflection and spiritual practices, we seek to recognize the patterns of God’s work and listen for God’s leading. Participants will be encouraged to discover their own natural leadership style and how to adapt to their own weaknesses. They will put faith into action as they serve alongside local people of faith responding to poverty, violence, and injustice in their communities, sharing the gospel through word and deed.


The Motor City Mission Corps is a ministry of the Mission Interpretation Ministry Team of the Presbytery of Detroit, part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Motor City Mission Fellowship

Your chance to make a difference in Metro Detroit

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Motor City Mission Fellowship

Your chance to make a difference in Metro Detroit

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