About Motor City Mission Corps

Motor City Mission Corps is a year long nonprofit apprenticeship for young adults with a focus on breaking down racism and building equitable community. Participants live in community, serve in organizations with a reputation for making change in the city of Detroit and explore how they might be called to join God's work in the world.

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Program Foundations

Our program team met this week to talk about the foundations upon which the Motor City Mission Corps experience is built. Program objectives work for us as those things that we work for participants to get out of their year of service. These will shape the community time that we reserve for each Friday where …

No More Program Fee!

I’m happy to be able to announce something big from our most recent working group meeting, we have decided to eliminate the $3000 program fee! Motor City Mission Corps is supported by a number of funding sources. In large part, our funding comes from the organizational partners who offer placements to our participants. We also …

Volunteer Experience

Challenge: Race & Privilege

Challenge the norm of racism, first within ourselves, then in the world around us, looking for ways to dismantle racist systems.

Work: Apprenticeship

Volunteers are challenged to step out futher than they thought they could with the support of experienced practitioners.

Living: Community

In community we find friendship and support for this year of living simply and working for change.

Discernment: Vocation

Through theological reflection, group process, and spiritual practices volunteers learn to listen for God’s voice and recognize the patterns that show where God is at work in the world.

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